10S5P 360WH Battery& ESC & Dual Motor Belt Drive Power Truck Kit
[Power Kit 10S5P Dual 83*52 Belt]

$568.00  $438.0023

Diyeboard review: 40 days in.
So i got the Diyeboard dual belt drive 10s5p kit, and im very happy with my purchase. I have been using it nearly daily, 5 miles a day, for the past 40 days now.
Ill start off by saying the customer service is top notch, any issues or questions ive had have been fully resolved with clear communication with jason. A+++ in my book.
My kit is a bit customized, with torque mounts, wheel pulleys for kegels, and caliber trucks. Mounted on a sec9 jimmy riha deck. Nothing wrong with stock, i just like custom building things.
So far the kit has been very reliable, the 3 speeds on the remote adjust on the fly wich is perfect for city riding. I ride on sidewalk ALOT and nothing has broke so far, wich was my biggest concern.
Top speed for me (200lb rider) has been around 24mph, ive been riding in sub 35°f weather so that maybe could affect speed, but more likely its the 80mm wheels instead of the stock 83mm. This thing handles hills with no problems whatsoever, ive hit 18mph up a decent hill.Acceleration and brakes are great, fast mode is absolutely insane.
For the money, it cant be beat in my opinion. Between the reliability of the setup and the customer service provided, i think its very well worth the money.
by Matthew
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