Dual Belt Drive 1400W*2 N5055 Motor Power Truck&Front Truck Kit
[Dual N5055 Power Truck 83*52mm]

$228.00  $138.0039

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Date Added: 01/30/2018 by Jaydubz
Very high build quality. Top-notch components.

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Date Added: 01/23/2018 by David
Impressed with the quality, wheel pulley is plastic but really strong. Mount and belt guard is metal...

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Date Added: 01/23/2018 by Scott
Nice kit. Those motors seem very powerful and a good fit for the ESC.

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Date Added: 01/23/2018 by Stephen
The trucks seems decently made, minus the baseplate, swap it for a paris baseplate, it fits great.

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Date Added: 01/21/2018 by Matt
It's a nice lightweight kit with lots of power.

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Date Added: 01/21/2018 by John Wells
Pleasure doing business, great product and quick shipping. A++

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