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Affiliates Programme

About Affiliates Programme
Date Added: Monday 08 February, 2016
We recognize that business success involves building long term relationship with our partners. Therefore, we have designed our affiliate program. ... more info
How Much Can Affiliates Earn?
Date Added: Monday 08 February, 2016
Affiliates - Overview Affiliates Program drives internet traffic to through specially formatted links that allow us to track ... more info
What is an Affiliate?
Date Added: Monday 08 February, 2016
In short, if you send someone to online, and that person makes an order, you get paid 5% commission on that sale. If the people you ... more info
Do Affiliates Need to Have Their Own Website?
Date Added: Monday 08 February, 2016
No, anyone can be an affiliate. (Please note you need a Paypal account to collect commission’s payments.) You just need to be creative and find ... more info is your ultimate source for high quality and high performance complete electric skateboard and DIY parts. We carry a wide selection of electric skateboard motor mounts, electric skateboard sensored / sensorless brushless dc belt-drive motors, electric skateboard hub / in-wheel motors, electric skateboard mechanical kits, electric skateboard kits, electric skateboard remote controllers, esc speed controllers, electric skateboard batteries and much much more. can help and guide you build your own high performance Electric Skateboard using our lowest factory price Electric Skateboard Parts & Kits. Feel free to send us an email and we are more then happy to help you build your electric skateboard or electric longboard from start to finish.