10S5P 360WH Battery& ESC & Dual Motor Belt Drive Power Truck Kit

Power Kit 10S5P Dual 83*52 Belt

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Electric Skateboard 10S5P 36V 10AH 360WH Battery & ESC & Dual Motor Belt Drive Power Truck Kit

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We ship correct power cord coodiante with the order shipping address of the country. Customer will get order shipped with correct power cord per order shipping address, e.g, US and Canada order comes with US power cord, Europe order comes with EU power cord, Uk order comes with UK power cord, Australia order comes with AU power cord.

The kit comes with the V2.1 ESC and a 4 speed new version remote so you can control your speed given your circumstances.

From June 1st, all orders that include the esc will come with this New Version 4 Speed Mode Remote Controller RC6.


If any of our customer bought the escs or kits from us, can buy this new remote for upgrade with 4 speed control and better riding control feels.

Video by customers:










DIYEboard Electric Skateboard Review! 10S5P Hub motor kit


Diyeboard clone loaded vanguard - flex test


Diyeboard 10S5P POWER truck kit 


If you need 90*52 dual hub motors kit, you can order the kit below:


Customers' DIY Photos with our 10S5P Belt kit:

Our dual belt drive kit compatible with abec wheels and mbs wheels. Abec wheels directly fit in well with our pulley and the MBS 100mm wheels fits on there without removing the belt guard just need to modify the pulley a little.



Customer Build with our 38″ Longboard Bamboo Deck and MBS wheels:



Customer Build with ABEC11 wheels:



More photos:





image (1).jpg



image (0).jpgimage (2).jpg






  • Upgraded V2.1 Dual Belt Motor Sine Wave FOC ESC Speed Controller
  • Easy set up with your own built, plug in and off connectors, easy disassemble the kit and put them back again.
  • Smart battery voltage indicator and power on/off switch.
  • Provide top speeds up to 43 kph(26 mph) with strong linear acceleration and braking.
  • 10S5P 36V 10AH 360WH battery pack extends the driving range up to 15-25 km.
  • 3-5 hours charge time, Ergonomic 2.4G remote controlling driving modes (3 Speed Mode) and direction reversible.

Why choose belts: 1. Replaceable wheels 2. More torque 3. belt drive feels cool 4. belt drive makes noise, cyclists hear it coming so you can pass easier.

Components Included:

  • (1) ESC Speed Controller mounted in the battery enclosure( Dual Belt Drive Motors ESC Speed Control )
  • (1) Battery Pack – 10S5P 36V 10AH 360WH 50cells, with BMS built-in the pack.
  • (1) ESC & Battery 2 in 1 Enclosure with Wiring, power on/off switch, battery indicator
  • (1) 2.4G Remote Controller, already paired to the ESC mounted in the enclosure.
  • (1) 10S 42V 2A Battery Charger
  • (2) N5055 Motor Mounted (Black, 270KV, 1400W/Motor)
  • (2) Bolt On Motor Mount (Black)
  • (2) 7.25'' Truck (Black)
  • (2) 35T Drive Wheel Pulley (HTD5)  13mm width
  • (2) 13T Motor Pulley (HTD5)  13mm width
  • (2) 250-5M High Torque Timing Belt (HTD5) 12mm width
  • (4pcs) 83mm*52mm 78a Longboard Wheels (Available Colors: Black,Red)
  • (1) Hardwares set(bolts used to fix to the deck)
  • (1) EVA Foam Pad for Battery Enclosure
  • (1) Skateboard T Tool


  • Kit Weight – 5.8kg
  • ESC - The speed controller employs sine-wave modulation allowing fine-grained speed control compared to many other competitors.
  • Braking System – Electric Regenerative Braking
  • Throttle Control – Precise Throttle Control 
  • Connectivity – Reliable 2.4ghz Frequency Band
  • Charge Time – 3-5 hours.
  • Batteries – 10S5P 36V 10AH 360WH 50cells, with BMS built-in the battery pack, the BMS protects the battery pack running safely when operating and charging safely when charging. Max voltage is 41.8V, cut off at 31V when power out, the esc will beeping alert when battery at low voltage.
  • 10s5p battery led voltage indicator.jpg
  • The battery led indicator shows the voltage not the percentage, it is within 31v (20%) to 41.3v (100%) .Most of the time it shows around 38v, it means 70% power left.When battery fully charged it shows 41.3v.When it shows 32v you need to charge it immediately. Never never drain the battery, it will shorten the battery life cycles and reduce the battery capacity.The board speed and torque can be different depend on the battery voltage.The higher the voltage, more power more torque and higher speed.

Remark: This is a nearly done semi complete "Battery & ESC Power Truck and Front Truck Kit" for buliding a electric skateboard longboard, you only need a deck to finish your built. Our kit is plug and play, simple and easy set up with anti-spark connectors. No soldering involved, and no pc computer reconfiguaration. You only need to put them together with the board by screws, the necessary screws comes with the kit.


SLOW  (8-10MPH)

MEDIUM  (16-18MPH)

FAST  (18-22MPH)


Remote Operation Instruction:

rc6 remote operation guide.jpg

Remote Pairing Instruction:
1. Turn off both the board and the remote.
2. Turn on the board.
3. Press and hold the power button for 5 to 7 sec until the power button light starts blinking.
Note: "Whilst the power is still on, press the power button on the board again for 5-7 seconds to enable pairing."
4. Turn on the remote.
5. Using a thin stick, quickly press once the recessed binding button on the remote. 
6. If you see the battery gauge light up with the green light on the remote, they're connected. 

Diyeboard's new remote RC6 pairing video with v2.1 ESC https://youtu.be/L9gd1PZqCFY 

Diyeboard's new remote RC6 reset  


Dual BLDC Motor Sine Wave FOC ESC Features

  • Voltage: 10S 36V
  • Current: Up to 120A for a few seconds or 50A continous
  • V2.1 ESC PCB Mounting size is 83mm L x 62mm W x 49mm H (Upgraded V2.1 Dual Motor/Hubs Sine Wave FOC ESC Speed Controller)
  • ESC complete size is 74mm long, 53mm wide, 42mm height.
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Sensored or Sensorless operation
  • The starting torque and acceleration is great, comparable to single belt setup. It go up medium hill easily.
  • Remote control: 2.4Ghz Remote Controller

Dual BLDC Motor Sine Wave FOC ESC Benefits

  • Strong, Reliable and Progressive Electric Brakes.
  • Start from a stop with Unsensored or Sensorless Motors as if it was Sensored.
  • Many Safety Features such as Current Control and Temperature Control Features.


  • Great Torque, strong brakes and great Acceleration: Starting from stand still has GREAT acceleration. This is where it shines most, it picks up speed very nicely. And you can feel the instant acceleration. It is due to belt drive gear ratio.

  • Awesome Hill climb: it can climb medium hill 20%-30% inclines without any issue.

  • Fast Speed: the top speed is between 43 kph(26 mph)

How to wire the ESC with the Belt motors:

v2.1 belt esc wiring.jpg

 To learn more details please contact us to get the wiring tutorial video.





 Generally the kit is plug and play simple and easy set up, even wrong wiring won't damage esc and motors, so don't worry.

 Please make two sets of belt motor wires color to color wired with the ESC cables.
 And any color casual connection is also workable, if the motor spin not right check the wiring if they are all well connected and simply try to switch the wire connection one by one untill it works perfectly.
  • 15082553140.jpg

  • 15270590770.jpg

  • 15270590771.jpg

  • 15270590772.jpg

  • WARNING: Do not over tighten the axle nut or you could damage the bearing shields. Tighten just to the point where the wheel can no longer laterally move along the axle.

  • Delivery Time and Delivery Procedure

  • http://www.diyeboard.com/index.php?main_page=faq_info&faqs_id=26  
    You will receive 2 packages, DHL arrive earlier within 4-7days and Fedex/UPS arrive within 10-12days with battery included.

  • Can I change 83mm wheels to 90mm,97mm and larger wheels size

    Our 35 tooth pulley fits the abec 11 107mm wheels, direct fit no modding to the pulley!

    Every normal abec core should work just fine.

    Other wheels if has same wheel core with our 83mm wheels or abec core(exactly the same core size in thickness) can fit our pulley well too.

    MBS wheels don't fit well, it uses a special stronger core. The MBS 100mm wheels fits just need to modify the pulley a little.






    Diyeboard kit tips& tricks

    1. Make SURE your motor connections are solidly connected to the ESC, and wrap them with electrical tape

    2. Use some sort of shock absorbing system for the ESCs in the back. Use rubber or foam or anything to make sure it's held in place or else it'll rattle inside the enclosure. The vibration will make rattle noise if the esc is not secured/mounted. 

    3. Order extras of belts and lipped bearings for the back wheels can be useful when they get wear out. The lip holds the plastic geared part to the wheel and you won't be able to replace those bearings with regular ones.

    Customers' Diy belt tensioner:

  • https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/diyeboard-com-china-factory-direct-retail-electric-skateboard-diy-kits-and-parts/32666/2061

  • 3.jpeg

  • 1.jpeg

  • 2(0).jpeg

  • Drilled and cut a Ø5 mm thread in the mototmount, and applied two 605zz (Ø14 mm) bearings on a M5 bolt. Used Loctite to secure the bolt.

    There is still some slack, but I also purchased some 625zz (Ø16 mm) bearings, so I can increase the tension by changing to these if needed.

    It got dark outside before I finished the project, so I haven’t tested it on the road yet.



The battery is replaceable in this kit, it can be easily replaced, all plug and play with XT60 power connector.
The kit doesn't compatible with dropthrough deck.
The battery indicator only display Voltage.
The ESC in this kit is V2.1 ESC with a 3 speed new version remote which perform best with excellent torque
 and linear smooth acceleration and braking. This ESC is not programable.
The kit doesn't supports belt tention adjustments for the motor mounts.But few spare belts will do the job
 and resume the perfect tension with the belt replacement.Also belt tensioner DIY on the motor mount is possible.
The motor mounts is hard to remove and change to adjustable ones. 
The kit can be upgraded with wheels changing to ABEC 11 107mm wheels, direct fit no modding to the pulley!
Every normal abec wheels should work just fine.
The MBS 100mm wheels fits just need to modify the pulley a little.
Orangtang wheels won't fit in our kit as wheel pulley quite different.

  • 10S5P Battery/ESC Enlosure Dimensions = 335mm length * 195mm width * 60mm thickness
  • 14998280351.jpg
  • 14997626982.jpg
  • 15166901211.jpg

The kit will fit most of the standard street skateboard if the board has minimum 8 inch wide and minimum 15'' Wheelbase

If your board is flat in the bottom, enclosure mounting is very easy can be sealed very well.

If your board has concaves, you can lock it onto the board with bolts and seal it with foam pads as the enclosure is alittle bit flex.


FYI, check below tips for your better understanding our kit working principles.
The ESC beeping alert for underbelow situtations:
1. the battery voltage is too low than 31v, then esc beep alert and shut down the board, as to protect battery over drained.
you need to charge the battery immediately.
2. overheat, continous running makes the esc too hot and it self protection and shut down to cooling it self, you just need to wait several minutes to restart the board.
3. the water get in, don't use the board untill the water get dried totally, you can leave it for 1-2days untill it get dried, or you take the esc out the dry with sunshine or hair drier.
4. the wiring connection for the esc to motor get disconnected or the insulation plastic cover for the bullet connection get touched due to the heat and not insulated well. tape them seperate incase they fuse together and fry the esc.


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